Love Birds

You finally met the one. You're taking that incredible step and merging lives. You love each other, so doesn't it make sense to bring only the things you love with you?  It can be stressful combining your things. Will you have enough room? Who's couch do we take? Should we buy new furniture or make ours work? I meet with each of you separately before the big move to help you determine what's coming and what's being donated or discarded

Hasta Luego

Your relationship has ended and you are ready to move on. You've done some emotional healing but your home is littered with reminders of your ex: a sweater, pictures, letters, a mug, a toothbrush, a random plate, the outfit from your first date. This is hardly a good place to move on from. I meet with you and help determine what items in your space are giving you good, positive feelings and which are holding you back in the past. By the end of our work together, you are surrounded by only things you love and are ready to welcome the new adventures that lie ahead. I've worked with a range of break ups including divorce and separation. No break up is too big or small.


The Stork

Your bundle of joy is on the way! The most exciting day of your life is around the corner. With all the anticipation you're already exhausted and overwhelmed. You've been meaning to organize the bathroom cabinet, the closets, the kitchen before the arrival, but you're running out of time.  I will help you get your home in perfect shape so that when the little bundle arrives you can focus all of your time on them. 

The Golden Years

This is truly the most rewarding of all my organizing experiences. Your parents have entered their golden years and you are obligated and honored to help them now. The tables have turned and you feel like the parent to (in some cases) very stubborn children.  Your parents are needing to downsize from a house or large apartment to a smaller living space. This can be an extremely emotional time for parents as well as their adult children.  In the majority of cases my clients parents have had extreme anxiety during this process which is in turn very taxing on the children or in some cases this all falls on one child. I have the sensitivity and knowledge to help you get through this difficult time. 

Packages start at a discounted price of $400 for a 3 hour session. Email me to book a complimentary 30 minute consultation!