Never handle a piece of mail twice.

My dad taught me at a very young age to open the mail the day you get it. Not only to open it but to read it and deal whatever the contents calls for. If you open the mail  in this fashion already, that's good, you're ahead of the game.  After you open it do you tuck it somewhere to deal with later? If so, then you're not completing the task and subsequently leaving things messy.  It seems simple yet the majority of us don't do this. We pick up the mail and then put it somewhere. We rationalize that it's not a big deal and we will get to it later. Later becomes days and it continues to pile up. Before you know it you have a weeks worth of bills to open. You may think this doesn't weigh on you, but in the back of your mind, you're thinking about it. You're dreading it. All this thinking and dreading is distracting you from your life goals. Take the steps needed to commit to this daily ritual and feel good about it after. Some of my clients are great at opening mail and dealing with the contents but then get nervous about throwing it away as they are worried about identity theft. There is a simple solution to this, a shedder. You can purchase one on amazon for a reasonable cost. Another option is to transition all your bills online.

A great solution to avoid having keys and mail piled up on a surface, is a basket with key hooks as featured in the picture. It gets everything off the counter creating more space and tidiness. They are easy to install and come in all sizes.