Here's the dirt on dry cleaning bags.

Someone recently asked me whether it's ok to leave the plastic covers on your dry cleaning once you've brought it home. The answer is no. The bags are meant to protect your clothes in transportation from the dry cleaner to your closet and they are great for that purpose. (The amount of plastic used for this simple task makes me a little crazy, but that's a whole other topic.) Here are the reasons to remove your plastic bags once home and safely away from pets, children and other staining hazards:

1) You want to make getting dressed as easy and effortless as possible. Having to tear off a plastic bag and undo various safety pins will cause stress and make you late. 

2) Leaving it on is bad for your clothes and can ruin them. It can cause yellowing, staining and even mildew to grow. So, imagine that scenario above where you are running late and you fly into your closet tearing through a sea of plastic only to find that your perfect outfit is yellow and mildewy. This is enough to send any rationally minded human into a disastrous state. 

3) Your closet will look prettier without all that plastic.

Save time and money and make it part of your routine to remove the plastic.