Here's the dirt on dry cleaning bags.

Someone recently asked me whether it's ok to leave the plastic covers on your dry cleaning once you've brought it home. The answer is no. The bags are meant to protect your clothes in transportation from the dry cleaner to your closet and they are great for that purpose. (The amount of plastic used for this simple task makes me a little crazy, but that's a whole other topic.) Here are the reasons to remove your plastic bags once home and safely away from pets, children and other staining hazards:

1) You want to make getting dressed as easy and effortless as possible. Having to tear off a plastic bag and undo various safety pins will cause stress and make you late. 

2) Leaving it on is bad for your clothes and can ruin them. It can cause yellowing, staining and even mildew to grow. So, imagine that scenario above where you are running late and you fly into your closet tearing through a sea of plastic only to find that your perfect outfit is yellow and mildewy. This is enough to send any rationally minded human into a disastrous state. 

3) Your closet will look prettier without all that plastic.

Save time and money and make it part of your routine to remove the plastic.


Shirts need room to breath and hangers matter.

Shirts need room to breathe, a minimum of 1" on either side of the hanger. Cramming them on top of each other creates a hostile environment. At the end of the day, a shirt just wants to kick back and chill in its own space without a bunch of other shirts in its face.

Quality hangers are important because they are what hold up and support your clothes. Imagine the horror of being hung on a pointy wire hanger?! "No more wire hangers!" please. My personal favorite is grey velvet. Grey is a soothing neutral color and velvet is well, velvet. You may think this is a bit extravagant, but your clothes treat you very well, so return the favor.

Unconventional organizing for small spaces

Many of my clients live in New York City and therefore space is an issue. This is an example of a closet I organized to make the most use of the space given. I encourage my clients to think out of the box when it comes to organizing. The most important thing is to keep the items you use the most in an accessible place. 


Stop losing your rings.

This hand painted porcelain dish by Richard Ginori was given to my by my dear friend Laura as a wedding present. I keep it by my bedside table and place my rings and earrings in it before bed. If you like to take your rings off before showering you can keep in on the bathroom sink. Likewise, by the kitchen sink if you take them off before doing the dishes. You get the idea. I lost a ring down the drain once and I'm still not over it. Having this dish gives you a special place to keep your treasures safe. 

Never handle a piece of mail twice.

My dad taught me at a very young age to open the mail the day you get it. Not only to open it but to read it and deal whatever the contents calls for. If you open the mail  in this fashion already, that's good, you're ahead of the game.  After you open it do you tuck it somewhere to deal with later? If so, then you're not completing the task and subsequently leaving things messy.  It seems simple yet the majority of us don't do this. We pick up the mail and then put it somewhere. We rationalize that it's not a big deal and we will get to it later. Later becomes days and it continues to pile up. Before you know it you have a weeks worth of bills to open. You may think this doesn't weigh on you, but in the back of your mind, you're thinking about it. You're dreading it. All this thinking and dreading is distracting you from your life goals. Take the steps needed to commit to this daily ritual and feel good about it after. Some of my clients are great at opening mail and dealing with the contents but then get nervous about throwing it away as they are worried about identity theft. There is a simple solution to this, a shedder. You can purchase one on amazon for a reasonable cost. Another option is to transition all your bills online.

A great solution to avoid having keys and mail piled up on a surface, is a basket with key hooks as featured in the picture. It gets everything off the counter creating more space and tidiness. They are easy to install and come in all sizes. 

Easy fix for a messy bathroom cabinet

I love this shelving system from The Container Store. It's easy to put together and gives you options for shelving. You can adjust the shelves to fit the space, which is great when dealing with pipes. For this space, I created a second shelf by tucking the support behind the piping. You can configure in whatever way that works for your space.